Natan H - Erklingen EP

Release note

The Taped Artifact label follows up a fine please from Kevin Arnemann with a new EP by Natan H, a LA based producer who originally hails from Chicago. In the past Natan, born Jordan Hochenbaum, has released on ManMakeMusic and Finale Sessions as well as Altered Moods and favours a deep, absorbing house sound full of cosmic atmosphere.

Opener 'Erklingen Dub' is a seriously widescreen bit of richly detailed dub with smeared chords, buried deep drums and warming sub bass all enveloping you in a hypnotic rhythm. 'Te Aro' is just as deep and absorbing, with vast but lazy house kicks rolling on beneath heavenly pads and gently tumbling drum hits. 'Submission' gets a little more upright but is still richly layered in lush, gloopy synths. 'Orthogonal' closes things out with an off-kilter, broken dub beat that is run through with static, hot cosmic winds and a certain sense of late night spirituality that will make any dance floor feel cosy and inviting.


A1. Natan H - Erklingen Dub (6:15)

A2 . Natan H - Te Aro (7:11)

B1. Natan H - Submission (5:36)

B2. Natan H - Orthogonal (5:58)

Erklingen EP

Natan H

release date:
November 27th, 2015