Various Artists - A Fiction Universe

Release note

For its fifth release, Amsterdam’s Taped Artifact offers up a various artists EP that features four tracks including one from the boss, Kevin Arnemann, as well as Hiver, Elmer and Physical Therapy. It is a moody and atmospheric deep techno offering that fits in with the label’s ever more singular aesthetic.

Up first is Physical Therapy, a producer who since 2012 has put out some fine EPs and LPs on labels like 1080p, Unknown to the Unknown and Liberation Technologies. It is a roomy affair with corrugated mid tempo drums down low and haunting pads up top. Building in intensity with some icy hi hats, it ends up as a ghoulish number that adds real theatre to the floor. Next up is Elmer, key part of Brussels’ Bepotel Records crew. Melting techno, wave and dub into raw and expressive new forms, this new cut ‘Simple Models’ makes great use of analog machinery. Again deep and horizonless, a rippling lead synth line plays off an industrial bass riff as paddy drums roll on below. It’s humid and heady stuff, to be sure.

Then comes the boss who offers a more dubbed out and bumpy dub­techno track with expansive chords rolling off into the distance and light and airy hi hats dancing in the mid ground. It’s one to get floors moving before the Hiver duo of Giuseppe Albrizio and Sergio Caio from labels like Curle and Vidab close things out with the dusty old breakbeats and woozy spaced out synths of ‘Intersect.’ This is a subtle but impactful EP full of sensitive underground sounds that pack a real punch.


A1. Physical Therapy - Emotional Dub (06:54)

A2. Elmer - Simple Models (06:27)

B1. Kevin Arnemann - Plexus (06:17)

B2. Hiver - Intersect (05:59)

A Fiction Universe

Various Artists

release date:
September 8th, 2016