DJ and producer Ohm is one of the leading figures in the Icelandic contemporary techno scene. Widely associated with iconic labels such as Thule Records and Force Inc, Ohm stays true to his roots by consistently innovating his interpretation of techno music, intergrating soul and innovation with the scene.

The Copenhagen-based artist was born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland, and caught the music bug early on. In 1999 his debut release, a collaboration with the Icelandic techno legend Exos, was released on Force Inc and was critically acclaimed. Since then he has been a constant source of techno anthems – most recently releasing his works on Thule Records and Rawax – and working with veterans such as Octal Industries and his long time collaborator Exos. He has been a regular guest at the legendary techno club Culture Box in Copenhagen – alongside frequently performing in his native country.

Because of Ohm’s unique style, it’s hard to label his music but you can definitely hear influences from hip hop, drum and bass, dub and of course classic minimal techno. Ohm’s signature sounds are playful tribal grooves, ruff basslines, smoked out sounds flying around, morphing vocal stabs, with drum-and-bass-style-crowd-pleasing-breaks. He tries hard not to be limited to any specific formulas and manages in that way to successfully create his own distinctive sound. Constantly evolving his production skills and questioning the things around him. Ohm seeks to inspire his listeners with sounds both reduced and rough, balanced by emotional and surprising moments throughout his sets. Between pure techno, banging Chicago, tracks old and new, Ohm communicates his message with an apparent effortlessness.grating soul and innovation with the scene.

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Ohm & Octal Industries - Maoss EP