Octal Industries

Octal Industries is a collaboration of two experienced cannons in the electronic music scene – Michael Sickinger from the United States and Jonas Thor Gudmundsson from Iceland.

In 2004 the first fruit of the collaboration between them saw the day of light with the release of Automatik EP on the Transistor Rhythm output. Couple of years later they joined their friend Deep Chord for a shared 12“ release, which today is a quite a valuable gem for dub techno lovers. The three of them joined hands together later that year to create a 3x12“ release under the pseudonym Spectral Network. The release was quite limited (111 copies) and was considered one of the most interesting 12“ releases that year by many critics. After the release of the Spectral Network eps the duo went for hiatus as other projects took over, also as opportunity for musical collaborations became harder as the Atlantic Ocean divides them.

In 2011 the duo was asked by the french independent label Entropy Records to remix Mr. Cloudy. There was an opportunity to explore the collaboration further and the sparkle came back. Another remix followed for G.R.I.T. which was hailed by dubtechnoblog.com as the best remix of the year 2012. In 2013, Octal Industries released Meeting of the Waves LP and a 12“ entitled Himinglaeva on the french label Entropy Records.

In 2016, an EP entitled Sedna, a collaboration with Ohm, was released on the legendary Thule Records.