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Hailing from the south of Germany, Amsterdam based Kevin Arnemann found his true love for techno through his inspirational parents, who took him to Awakenings Festival at the tender age of 14. Soon after, he got his own pair of Technics and started to spend his spare time digging the crates at Outland Records. The result was a fast-growing record collection, firmly rooted in the aesthetic of 90s European techno – raw, repetitive, yet refined.

In the years that follow, Kevin Arnemann developed a distinct musical identity that takes its cues from many different sounds and scenes. Always dynamic, intelligent and driven by a passion for dub techno in particular, influenced by the likes of Basic Channel, Chain Reaction and Thule Records.

This certainly helped him to earn the title of youngest winner of the renowned TWSTd DJ contest at age 16, leaving behind a whopping 160 contestants and winning both Jury and Audience vote prizes in a sold out Melkweg. Subsequently, he landed residencies at some of Holland’s most knowing venues, including Club Poema, late Studio 80 and even debuting at the main stage of Awakenings Festival in 2013.

From this groundwork, the young Dutchman keeps excelling in the industry. From 2011 till 2015, he was one of the driving forces behind the monthly club night Junction. At various venues such as RADION, Westerunie and Melkweg, he invited techno’s most revered selectors by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Norman Nodge, Shifted and the Zenker Brothers, just to name a few.

In 2015, Arnemann added a new chapter to his career. At age 23, he launched his own imprint by the name of Taped Artifact. The label – which he founded with Daan Kemp – is focussing on the artification of deep, atmospheric music and various visual art forms. Ever since the label’s introduction it has received praise from the likes of Ben Sims, Eric Cloutier and XDB.

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